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Website all my own work.
This site has some 500,000 words and many links to check. If you find mistakes I would be pleased to know.

WELCOME! To the website of probably the most experienced and highly educated hypnotherapist in Yorkshire. (But not the most expensive.)

Are you interested in learning a LOT about hypnotherapy? Or in reading books about helping yourself? Go to my LIBRARY of free books. Do you want to explore trance states and listen to some simple hypnotic scripts? Go to AUDIO-VISUAL. Are you thinking of a session with me? Read on.

Here are time saving answers to the more common questions that may be in your mind.

  • Can you help? If I don't then you do not need to pay! (A policy that is nearly unique in the service sector!)
  • What if I cannot get to Leeds? I can do home visits and even telephone consultations. More.
  • What problems do you help? Emotional, habit, thought and social problems. More.
  • Do you help people to stop smoking? YES, for £80, which is about the cost of two weeks' smoking, I GUARANTEE that I will get you through those first difficult two weeks of being a non-smoker again, even if it takes me more than one session.  Experience shows that after that people can normally stay as non-smokers without effort.
  • What do you charge? Recently reduced to £60 an hour (in response to the economic cllimate). Reductions for students, unemployed, etc. More.
  • How can I pay? Cheques or cash, please, after the session.
  • How long is a session? A full hour.
  • How many sessions are needed? Variable, but I expect noticeable improvement after the first session. Fees reduced if more than two are needed.
  • Is it Safe? In safe hands, yes. More.
  • Is it Confidential? Yes, and more.
  • Where do you work in Leeds? Leeds Complementary Therapy Centre. Between Headingly and the Ring Road. More.
  • What happens? Part getting a clear understanding of you, your needs and the problem; part making the changes you want. More.
  • Can I bring a friend? Yes, of course. They can sit in with you or stay in the waiting room.
  • How long have you been in practice? Full time since 1983.
  • What are your qualifications? First class honours degree (M.A.) and science doctorate (D.Phil.) from Oxford University; Member of National Council for Hypnotherapy; Member of National Council of Psychotherapists. More.
  • What is your style? Warm, Intelligent, Sensible, Experienced. NO dominating piercing eyes, gimmicks or hard sell. More.
  • I am not keen on hypnosis. Can you help without it? Yes, indeed. Hypnosis is only one method. I help many people by just using my understanding of how people work. Same guarantee. See my Personal Consultant website for more details if you prefer an approach that puts you more in control.
  • What is the most common thing clients say to you? "That makes sense!"

What problems do you treat?

I am not a medical doctor. I do not deal with organic diseases. I work with those comparatively minor problems that can so often be summarised as, "I do not feel in control of myself as I should!" The following are some examples of problem areas in which I have had experience and success.

Emotional control: e.g. panic attacks, anxieties and phobias, self-consciousness, blushing, and stammering. Nervousness in public speaking, driving tests or social situations. Excessive anger, depression, jealousy or possessiveness.

Habit control: e.g. smoking, drinking, nail-biting and insomnia.

Thought control: e.g. Obsessive thoughts, memory and concentration, study, the "mind game" in sports.

Problems that have their roots in other people: e.g. work, family, sexual and stress.

Problems with a physical dimension: e.g. incontinence, irritable bowel, migraine, eczema, asthma, muscular pains and tensions, sexual problems - where these are largely triggered by internal factors such as emotional stress, and not by some physical factor such as diet, allergies etc.

BUT in my experience it is not always the case that things fall into such neat categories. Everyone is different and the patterns are different. For example giving up smoking may well be a matter of changing a habit; but for some people it is very much bound up in their social relationships - it gives them confidence - or for another person it is bound up with concentrating, or for another smoking is valuable primarily because it is the only way they can control their anger, and so on. I deal with the problem as I find it not as some book says it should be.


Distant treatment?

Thanks to a combination of cheap long distance phone calls courtesy of Skype and the mp3 format which allows sound files to be emailed, it is now possible to have personalised hypnotherapy almost anywhere in the world.

The first step is to check that you feel comfortable with my approach (read a little of my website) and my voice (play a track or two from my audio page). It is then usual to email me with any basic enquiries. We can then arrange a time for a phone call which will last about half an hour. In the UK I can phone you free on any landline. Phone calls abroad will require Skype, which is also free. This step is vital if I am to understand not just your problem in detail, but your whole personality. Both of these are very important for success.

If that stage proceeds well then I would ask you to pay £60 sterling via PayPal, which is moderate in the UK and many parts of the world. Naturally if you are not happy then there will be no fee. However there are many people in less fortunate situations and I will usually be prepared to reduce to £30 sterling as I do for those who have no work in the UK.

On receipt of the money I will then record a personalised hypnotic session, which is designed for you and you alone and email it to you. If you are not happy with that then I will refund half of what you paid.

Any further sessions will follow a similar pattern. I will find out how things are progressing both by emails and phone calls. You will be getting some advice in those ways and also hypnosis via audio recordings which will always be freshly recorded for you at each stage.


What Happens?

You may have doubts about how other hypnotherapists work. But if you have the patience you can find out an enormous amount about how I think and work by reading the many books and articles I have written and are freely available on this site.

I always start by getting a clear picture of what the problem is. I aim to solve the problem as you see it. But to do that effectively and well is not a matter of sticking a label on something. I am helping human beings and not making pots of jam. I listen carefully; become aware of the whole personality and lifestyle; plan an approach unique to the individual that is in harmony with that whole and only then start to work.

The hypnosis proper involves changing that part of your mind that you do not feel in control of. This can be called the subconscious if you like. Now everybody daydreams. In a natural daydream our conscious minds relax and we drift down towards the subconscious levels. We enter the whole inner world of feelings, hopes, fears and memories and lose touch with the world around. All the problems I have mentioned have to do with some aspect of this inner world. It is just common sense that for me to help change the inner world I need access to it. All that is needed is for you to allow yourself to enter a daydream-like state and then let me do the rest. When you are with the right hypnotherapist for you, you will feel comfortable about this and not place any mental barriers in the way. You can see hypnosis as being a matter of actively encouraging and then powerfully focussing the natural trance of the daydream. You can stop me at any time as easily as stopping a day-dream. If you should drop off into a full sleep I will wake you. Hypnotherapy is a powerfully directed daydream.

That gives you an idea of how it will feel to you. You can explore such trance states and see if you are happy with my voice on the Audio-Visual pages. However most of the skill in the job involves knowing how minds work; how to initiate changes in them and much more. There is something of this in my books if you want to follow it up.


Is it Safe?

In safe hands, Yes.

The conditions for safety are much the same in any speciality. You need someone who knows what he or she is doing; who has experience of doing it and who knows what not to do as much as what to do.

Your mind is your most precious and personal possession. It is the seat of all your thoughts, feelings, opinions and desires. It is not the same as anyone else's, and in safe hands you will find that your own personality is not only unharmed but enabled to be more fully your own.

The key thought in Hypnotherapy is not that we are trying to change you into what you are not, but that we are changing you back into what you know you should be, had something not allowed it.

You should contrast this with the use of hypnosis on stage where the aim is to make someone less than fully themselves for the amusement of others. I have never worked in that way, and am not happy about it. At a deep level the aim there is the exact opposite to that of the hypnotherapist.



IN MOST professions there are written and unwritten ethical rules. Members of the organisations I am a member of are bound by some that you can find on their websites. These include

  • Total confidentiality.
  • Treatment concluded as efficiently as possible.
  • No indoctrination: clients have a right to be helped within their own world-view.

I feel that these are more of a minimum and add

  • Satisfaction guaranteed. Clients have a right to receive what they pay for. I will give a full or partial refund for any session which has left a client dissatisfied.
  • No concealment. Hypnosis, perhaps uniquely among therapies, allows the implantation of suggestions and thoughts which can be hidden from conscious recall by induced amnesia. I cannot believe that this is ever necessary. If it is in the client's interests to accept a suggestion then there is no need to hide it and it is therefore not fully honest to do so. I would not like any unexaminable suggestions implanted in my mind and I will never do it to others.
  • Ecologically sound treatment. This is an extension of "no indoctrination". What I mean by this is that just as an ecologist would never introduce an alien species into a habitat without knowing that it will fit in with the other species already there, so a good hypnotherapist will never introduce ideas into a client's head without being sure that they will fit in happily with what is there already. In short I respect the client's own unique personality.

Where do I work?

The Leeds Complementary Therapy Centre (red spot) is in the small parade of shops on the Otley Road, a few hundred yards from the Ring Road (which is just to the North of the map), and not far from the Village Hotel. Parking is fairly easy in Kepstorn Road, just off the mini roundabout by Spen Road.

Map of Office lcation View Larger Map photo of external of office

It lies above the hairdresser, Tocco Magico, and next to the West Park Cafe

Local bus services 1, 96 and 95 all run pass the Centre. Buses to Otley, Ilkley and Skipton also pass.

I occasionally make home visits when it is impossible for someone to get to me.



My fee for an hour's session is normally £60 and £30 for students and unemployed. There are other cases of clear need in which I will also reduce fees: just ask. But to me it is important that I give value for money and so my no quibble guarantee is that if anyone feels that they are not satisfied with a session then I will only charge what they feel it was worth. This can be requested at the end of the session or in the next few days by phone, email, etc.



The M.A.(Oxon.) is a first class honours degree in mathematics from Oxford University. What that says is that I am lucky enough to have a very highly trained and intelligent mind. It can solve many kinds of problems.

The D.Phil.(Oxon.) is a doctorate from Oxford. That was for a thesis in the area of quantum theory. It is of no direct value in my present work, of course. Perhaps it underlines that I do hypnotherapy from a strong sense of vocation.

M.N.C.H. Member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy. Their website is www.hypnotherapists.org.uk

MNCP Member of the National Council of Psychotherapists. Their website is www.natcouncilofpsychotherapists.org.uk


My Nature

My mother Elaine has described my personality at the age 3 or 4 as being "Equable, trusting, eager to please, an avid problem-solver, a love for tasks that were quite a bit difficult but possible (like peeling tangerines!). Gave an impression of self-sufficiency and self-control. Tantrums extremely rare compared with most young children."

I have not changed much. I still like pleasing people. I still like solving problems that are quite difficult but possible, but have moved beyond peeling tangerines. I am lucky to do a job which gives me the chance to do both. You won't see many tantrums either!



Here are some FREE books.

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Shortened email exchanges, with permission of senders.

Joseph M J, India

I read your books on hypnosis. It was a wonderful experience. Please accept my thanks and gratitude. May again go through them at a slower pace later. "Your Path in Life" made an excellent reading. Why anything like ENVY PATH is not explained in that book? My guess is that a lot of agony is happening in the human minds on account of that emotion. My name is Joseph. I am from India.

Dylan Hi Joseph Many thanks. You are right Envy is indeed an agonising path. There are quite a number of other ones that are related: Jealousy, Greed and Anger for example. I will have to think whether it might be worth writing about these and others.

Peace be with you.

Joseph I will be delighted to see my lettter on your home page. Thank you. Peace be with you always. Generally all the Hindu Religious Prayers (The Mantras) end with the words Shanti, Shanti, Shantihi. Normally these words are translated to english as Peace, Peace, Peace. After going through your Books I wonder, a more apt translation may be Relax, Relax, Relax.

Mark Malcom Designer Exterran Logo Oklahoma, USA.

I have just finished Part A of your Principles of Hypnotherapy. I hope to be able to finish part B or even the rest of the book over the weekend. I really enjoy your writing style and how you use analogies to help explain things. This helps me picture what you are saying.

Once again let me say the information you provide through your web site is awesome! I know this must come at the expense of both time and money. Thank you!

Best wishes,

Dylan Thanks Mark, it is always pleasing to know that something you have written is finding an appreciative reader.

George hypno.junkie@blueyonder.co.uk Jan 2007:

I read your articles with interest and do enjoy your articles and have for a number of years. I know few of my fellow hypnotherapists. As I am never too old to learn, I have learned a great deal from you.

Dylan: Thank you very much for your mail. I suspect that most of us in this profession are primarily motivated by the desire to improve in one way or another the well-being of others. And so it adds to my satisfaction in life to hear that some of what I have written has given someone else interest and enjoyment. I say "added" because I also find enjoyment and interest in the act of exploring my own experience and refining it into words.

As it happens I have recently overhauled my website considerably, and thought that it might be a good idea to add a Feedback section. Would you be happy to make this exchange the first?

George: I am most happy for my letter to be added to your website.

Mike Kramer

Hello Dr. Morgan,

I am enjoying your website immensely. Thank you for putting so much insightful and carefully-reasoned work on the web for the public benefit. I have no experience hypnotizing people. I am merely a curious reader eager to learn more.

I know you say that “It’s OK to fail.” And I also know that you solicit the public’s assistance in correcting errors on your site. So, I have decided to take you at word and mention a couple of errors.

1. BookPrinciplesHypnosis.htm#Bib You have Daniel Dennett’s Consciousness Explained listed twice in the bibliography. I have by no means finished reading your theoretical treatise but I am excited by the prospect of studying a theoretically rigorous treatment of hypnosis.

2. BookBiographies.htm The misspelled word “condtradiction” appears in the section on Liebeault.

Socrates was always hoping that someone would point out his errors to him. My only interest is to express my gratitude for your site by providing some of the error-correcting assistance you requested.

All the best,

Dylan: Thank you very much. I do appreciate your taking the time to point out the errors, and am glad that you are enjoying the site. Your corrections are very clearly described, and I have now incorporated them.

Best wishes